Mexico wonderland

What is CONABIO?

we have worked since 1992 to bring together the knowledge of the wealth of plants, animals and ecosystems in Mexico to ensure that decisions are made with the best information.

We have worked with a great number of researchers from universities and research centers of Mexico and abroad to bring together this information and put it at the disposal of the public. We have gathered together information from scientific collections, different research teams and satellite imagery in order to understand how our flora, fauna and ecosystems are distributed and to learn the best ways to use and conserve them.

Curious Tito

Hello friends, my name is Curious Tito, I am very excited because I just found out that…Mexico is a Megadiverse country! Do you know what that is? It means that of the 190 countries of the world we are among the top five for numbers of plant and animal species. Isn´t that great? We are a big family!

Since then I have been learning about the lives of the beings that accompany us in Mexico and in the world! Getting to know the great variety of beings that live with us is an extraordinary adventure!

Would you like to explore the natural richness of Mexico?
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